YF-12 Presentation at the National Atomic Testing Museum

A YF-12 Presentation was made 3 Apr 12, at the National Atomic Testing Museum. This was the 1st Public Program dealing with only the Record Setting YF-12A. The Panel was the most complete Panel to ever make a Blackbird Presentation. The Panel consisted of Experts that were there, did it and made it happen.

Never has every Phase of the Test Program been available in one group.

Operations : Pilots

Radar : Air & Ground



After SHORT Talks from Sam & Don, The meat of the Program was opened for Q&A for The Expert Panel.

The Museum did a Great Job in supporting our Program & indicated we may be asked for a Return Engagement.

Sam & Don will make a Presentation at the San Marcos Hanger of the QB's on 7 May.

The YF still holds the 500km & 1000km Closed Course World Speed Records with & without Payload. Set 1 May 1965.

What is not general knowledge, the 15km/25km Speed Record was set carrying 2000 kilos, but not claimed.

This has to be the most complete Panel since Maintenance Troops are not considered HERO's & do not get invited to Panels.

We hope to have a CD which we will pass along.

Posting this will let People know that there was Life before the SR.

Thanks from the 6 Roadrunners !


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