RR Patch Roadrunner Heading U2_SR


By: O.B. Harnage (Ole' Sarge)

Late 1961, I think, was the time frame when the Command Post was being refurbished and I was without an office. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Sgt. Billy Pryor and I were down the hall from Col. Doug Nelson's office playing with our new-found radio transceiver. Colonels Holbury and Nelson were in their respective cars with their newly installed radios when they called asking for a radio check. Bill looks at me and says, "They need call signs." My reply was, "Why not Roadrunner One and Two?" Bill assigned the Roadrunner call signs that from that day on became their respective call signs. Eventually, our call signs evolved into anyone in the Oxcart program at Groom lake becoming "Roadrunners."

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