Prior to being employed by the CIA I had enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1951 and served for four years. I was assigned to land bases in the U.S. and Japan. Upon completion of my service in 1955, I received an honorable discharge.

In 1956 1 was recruited by the CIA and I had been working for the CIA over 3 years as a communicator when I was assigned to Adana, "Turkey in January 1960 to work on the U-2 program. In late April 1960 I was selected as the communicator for the retrieval crew to meet the aircraft upon its landing in Norway. When the aircraft failed to land, the retrieval crew and I returned to Turkey. I remained in Turkey until November 1960 when I was asked to accept an assignment at Tao Yuan, Taiwan. I arrived in December 1960 prior to the base completion and departed October 1961.

My assignments prior to my U-2 tour and after included various countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. I was also posted to California, Florida as well as Washington, D.C.

After 30 years of U.S. Government service I retired in February 1983. Shortly thereafter I was employed periodically as a consultant working in Egypt, Kuwait and Jordan; this lasted through 1999.

My wife and I enjoy travel and dancing and sight seeing and I was accompanied by my wife on all tours after 1962 until retirement. She also was in Egypt with me numerous times while I was employed as a consultant.

Robert J. Piantosi

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