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4 July 2002

On this day of rememberance, Roadrunners Internationale is saddened to learn of the passing of one of our aviation family, Donald Corzine, Colonel, USAF, retired. The heart-touching letter from his son is posted below. This letter clearly justifies the efforts of our Roadrunner Internationale membership to document our participation in the historical OXCART era for those we leave behind and for those who step into our footsteps as we too take to the air on our final flight.

* * *
To: Roadrunners Internationale


I am grateful for your part in the recognition of the men and women involved in our security and well being. It was only recently in time 80's that my Father was able to tell us a little about the roadrunner patch that he had worn for so many years. I enjoyed the stories that he was able to tell me and admired him even more for his part in not just mine but all of our children and their children.

I will not be able now to hear any more of his tales and experiences, and as to why he was seldom around during the 60's. My Father "Col. Donald J. Corzine" after passing 21 June 2002, took to the air for his final flight, from the Ocean Springs, Mississippi Airport on the 24th day of June 2002 at approximately 10:00 hours, Flying High among the clouds and over the coastal waters of this proud and grateful nation. Not to return to us again.

Truly I am glad to see such honorable information and will be looking back for more of the stories that I and our children missed out on.

Michael J. Corzine, Sr.
Sr. Mechanical Estimator
Vermont Heating & Ventilating