RR Patch Roadrunner Heading U2_SR

By: Sam Pizzo

One day ,nearing the end of my tour at the Ranch, probably early summer of 65,the DO, then Col Doug called and told me I would be flying with him the next day. No problem here, it happened all the Sam Pizzo at Area 51time with Area non-project pilots. They'd call and away we'd go in the T-33,101,192 or the Blue Canoe. The next day I went out to the flight line looking for Col Nelson in the area where these birds were normally parked. No Col Nelson. Further looking, I see him down by the A-12 Trainer. Now, I think I must have gotten my day wrong. I hustle down there and lo and behold, I'm going up in the A-12 ! I almost got air sick before take off. At any rate, after a short safety briefing, of which I'm sure I remembered nothing, we strapped in and headed out for take off. I remember him saying" hold on Sam here we go. " And away we went. An air refueling and a bit later we touched down and the flight over.
As you know early Form 5's did not show Black Bird aircraft flights ( at least that was what I've been told ) and took till some time later ,I understand, before A-12 pilot's Form 5's reflected the correct type aircraft. I never even checked my Form 5,but I'm sure it would reflect other than the A-12. Besides that, some one might have asked what the heck was a Navigator doing in an A-12 pilot trainer ! At any rate, I had the thrill of my life in the flight that never was, BUT IT WAS. I met General Nelson some years later and took the time to thank him for that ride. Not many would have done so.

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