Graduated Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute BSEE 1963

June 1963 - Oct 1964 Westinghouse Corporation Baltimore Space and Defense Center - Radar School Prototype FPS-27 site, Crystal Springs, MS. Large search radar with dual 15 Megawatt transmitters and a stacked beam array for height finding. Troubled FPS-27 site atop Angels Peak, Las Vegas, NV. Feed horn arcing due to high altitude and high power. Midwest Program on Airborne Television Instruction, Lafayette, IN. Flew every day on DC-6 with two 10kw transmitters and a 20 ft. antenna gyro stabilized to be vertically polarized to the earth. Designed to bring college level physics and chemistry classes to high schools within a 250 mi radius. Tapes were made at Perdue University. Many RF problems.

Oct. 1964 - June 1966 EG&G-Special Projects Worked at Area-51 in central Nevada, flew to work every day from Las Vegas. Made radar cross section measurements on the A-12 Blackbird. Developed method of measuring output of S-Band Noise Jammer to protect A-12 from Surface-to-Air radar guided missile systems like the SA-2.

July 1966 - Dec 1969 Sanders Associates Designed a SA-2 target simulator for the Shrike anti-radiation missile for the Navy and Air Force. Advanced Electronics Warfare Group, Apr. 67 -Sept. 67 South East Asia, Viet Nam, Yankee Station, research why the SA-2 system is having so much success against our Electronic Countermeasures ( ECM ) Systems. Designed and Developed the passive electronic receivers for the S3A aircraft. Designed the Integrated Electronic Warfare System for the F-15 aircraft.

Jan.1970 - June 1987 Integrated Systems Co. Founded the business to transmit digital data on the secondary side of the power lines in large buildings. President and CEO. Built special purpose high speed computer for our data. System was UL and FM listed for Life Safety Fire Alarm and Evacuation. Very helpful for older buildings where the installation of new wiring would be cost prohibitive. Some of the many installations were Plaza hotel, Mutual of Omaha, DisneyLand. Bought out by Robertshaw Controls Co. 1975 Vice President Robertshaw Controls Co. General Manager Integrated Systems Div.