D-21 Ramjet Removal

As a favor to the USAF Museum, NASA offered to pull an engine from D-21 Article #537 for delivery to a civilian museum. By USAF Museum standards the engine had to be removed because of material containing a trace of radioactivity for which civilian museums are not licensed. Roadrunner and NASA Dryden artist/photographer and author Tony Landis volunteered to photograph the removal for the benefit of those who have never actually seen a ramjet engine before. With some great information provided by Roadrunner Jerry Miller, the NASA mechanics had no trouble pulling the engine.

D21AftEnd1.jpg D21AftEnd2.jpg D21EngineFrontLeft.jpg D21EngineFrontRight.jpg D21EngineFrontTop.jpg D21EngineFrontTop2.jpg D21EngineLeftSide.jpg
D21EngineRightSide.jpg D21Overall1.jpg D21Rear1.jpg D21RearNoEngine.jpg D21withEngineDisplay1.jpg D21withEngineDisplay2.jpg D21withEngineDisplay3.jpg
D21withEngineDisplay4.jpg D21withEngineDisplay5.jpg EnginePrep1.jpg EngineRemoval1.jpg EngineRemoval2.jpg EngineRemoval3.jpg EngineRemoval4.jpg
InstallingAftPanels1.jpg PanelRemoval1.jpg WaterDump.jpg

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