National Museum of the Air Force D-21 Ramjet Removal

August 2006
Evan Elliot of the Museum of Flight, Mike Douglass of the National Museum of the Air Force and Jim Goodall spent 14 hours taking the engine out of the Museum of Flight's D-21 from where it was hanging 25 feet in height. They managed this difficult and challenging task without a scratch to the M-21 Mother bird. Jerry Miller of Marquardt had previously provided the removal personnel with a blow by blow of how to remove the Marquardt MA20-S4. The burner can and exhaust ejector were reinstalled as they did not have contain any of the banned materials making the removal of the engine necessary.

D21Motor10.jpg D21Motor11.jpg D21Motor12.jpg D21Motor13.jpg D21Motor14.jpg D21Motor15.jpg D21Motor16.jpg
D21Motor2.jpg D21Motor3.jpg D21Motor4.jpg D21Motor5.jpg D21Motor6.jpg D21Motor7.jpg D21Motor8.jpg
D21Motor9.jpg MarquardtD21DataPlate.jpg WindTunnelModels1.jpg WindTunnelModels2.jpg WindTunnelModels3.jpg WindTunnelModels4.jpg WindTunnelModels5.jpg
WindTunnelModels6.jpg WindTunnelModels7.jpg WindTunnelModels8.jpg

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