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flag a-12

I worked or Magnavox Research Labs from February 1963 to August 1968 as a Field Rep for ARC50 radios used for communications on the A-11, A-12, YF-12, and SR-71 (spread spectrum communications) to produce distance measurement to tanker prior to refueling.

I received my security clearance in the Fall of 1963 at which time I was assigned to Beale AFB to set up a repair and test facility and teach the tanker aircrews how to use the Radio Equipment. In December 1963 I arrived at Area 51 where I worked until 1965 when I was assigned to Edwards AFB on the YF-12. There I worked at Plant 42 in Palmdale with occasional trips to Burbank. I was present at Plant 42 when the first SR-71 flew.

In 1967 I was transferred to the VRC 55 VRC 61 programs which were satellite communications. This assignment took me all over the world, including Viet Nam and Korea. Regretfully, because of this assignment I missed out on Operation Black Shield.

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