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Dr. Tom Budzynski at Pensocola 1994

Dr. Budzynski earned a BSEE at the University of Detroit and served as an aerospace inertial systems engineer on the SR-71 Blackbird project. He later went back to academia to gain a master's and Ph.D. in psychology. As a grad student in the mid 60s Dr. Budzynski, along with John Picchiottino, invented one of the first EMG biofeedback systems. The BIFS, or Bioelectric Information Feedback System, converted surface E<G into a digital readout and provided several forms of audio and visual feedback. About 1970, Dr. Budzynski and Picchiottino developed the Twilight Learner on of the first neurotherapy systems. With Johann Stoyva in 1973, he created the PSP or Psychological Stress Profile. This familiar sequence of Rest - Stress - Recovery as the client's physiology is monitored, is widely used in behavioral medicine today. Dr. Budzynski was elected President of the Biofeedback Research Society in 1974. In 1980 he published the first systems diagrammatic approach to biofeedback training. Establishing with Drs. Charles and Sheila Adler and Kirk Peffer the Applied Biofeedback Institute in Denver about 1972, Dr. Budzynski began to see a variety of clients for biofeedback therapy. In the last few years he has returned once more to teaching and neurotechnology research at the University of Washington in Seattle where, with his wife Heln Kogan Budzynski, he is conducting studies on AVS (audio-visual stimulation) effects on the brain, priming effects of binaural tones on the EEG, chronic fatigue syndrome, enhanced academic performance, and the enhancement of cognitive process in the head injured and the elderly. Dr.Budzynski has lectured and headed workshops on these topics in many foreign countries as well as the USA. In 1999 he received the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback at their annual meeting in Vancouver B.C. Canada. At present he is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington. He is also a licensed psychologist in the State of Washington and maintains an active private practice of neurotherapy and biofeedback in Poulsbo, Washington.


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