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Col. Am Amundson

Colonel insignia

Command Pilot Wings

CIA Legion of Merit

Colonel Amundson, Oxcart Detachment Deputy Commander

was awarded the Air Force Legion of Merit

at Groom Lake on 26 June 1968.

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Groom Lake Troops

Groom Lake Troops

Members of the 1129th celebrating the 500th training flight of the A-12 Trainer, the Titanium Goose

World War II

Boot Camp

Am and his crew


On a mission


The Amundson Family

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Smoky is the oldest and like Dad he is a man of few words but gets the job done nicely. He has worked many jobs as "Am" and has been transferred as much as his father. He is now working in LA and his family is in another part of the state and hopefully hits retirement in time to enjoy it. Like Lois and Am he enjoys a cocktail or two after work. (We won't mention the size of glass or ounces) smile Smoky loves the outdoors like his father. Smoky has 4 children: Melissa, Andy, Tyler and Griffin. He has 3 grandchildren from Melissa, Jacob, Emma and Abe. His wife's name is Luanne and they live in southern California.

Bob-being a now retired lawyer from Las Vegas is so much like his Dad and Mom. After "Am" retired he looked for another occupation to keep his mind going. Bob is now using the Internet to look at world views and the stock market. He lets us know about the oil prices going up and down and how we are looking as a nation. Bleak news. He also has been using his accounting skills as "Am" did in counting cards. He has entered poker tournaments and done very well. Bob has developed an interest in guns so don't mess with him. Bob has 2 boys who both reside in Las Vegas. Zach is finishing up his accounting degree and Greg just graduated from the police academy in Las Vegas. His better half is Susan and they live in Henderson, Nevada, of course.

Mary Amundson/Young is just like her mom Lois, both who love children. She is running a daycare at a retirement facility. She gets a lot of Grandmas and Grandpas dropping by to see the little ones. Lois was always on the go having neighborhood coffees and Mary has got that desire to go also. She never lets a week go by without planning something. Canoe trips, hiking, and just relaxing on her pontoon. Cocktails are always included which Lois and Am loved doing. She even named her boat after Lois's favorite song Sandman. Mary has three children, one daughter (Jessica Betts who is married and living in Texas with her husband David Betts) and 2 sons (Nathan who is a salesman working in Minneapolis, Mn. and Peter who is a senior at Eau Claire, Wis.) Mary husbands name is Tom Young and they live in the great state of Minnesota.

John is busy with his business doing tax accounting. Dad loved numbers and John must also. He has a stressful time of the year as Dad did during the base exercises for war. We didn't see Dad for days and John is following his footsteps. During tax season he isn't to be seen. He has Mom's sense of humor and Dads quiet sense of being. He has a hobby which had to have a room in his house built for ...wine. Ask him any question and he will get back to you after tasting it and give you a review on if its OK. John has two children, one daughter Julie, who is a freshman at SMU and one son, Tommy, a senior in high school. He has an adorable wife-Sandie, and they live in Las Vegas.

Suzi is so much like her Mom. She even looks like her. Suzi married a military man. She has the go go go now just like her Mom. Her husband is like "Am" in so many ways. He just goes with the flow. Suzi works for the school district as Lois did. She has some of "Am" in her as she loves her dogs just like Dad. Suzi has two sons...Joe in the Army and stationed in Iraq right now and Jason has just joined the Air Force. Her husbands name is Jack and they live in the big state of Texas.

Jimmy Amundson the youngest of six Amundson children lives in Las Vegas with his wife Lisa and son Eric. Jimmy (Jim/ Fat dog Amundson) is a 25 year employee of the State of Nevada Gaming Control Board, as an Audit Supervisor.

Jimmy remembers the tales his mother told of the various CIA missions relating to her husband "Am" and his tight group of roadrunner members Colonel Hugh"Slip" Slater and Lt. Colonel Roger Andersen. The secrete ops to far away places. The CIA medals that were given and then immediately taken back in order to ensure secrecy. Tales that we will probably never completely know.

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