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Norbert "Norb" Alber's Memories of Kadena during Operation Black Shield

Capt. Joe  Planamento, Charlie Cravotta

Waitress staff at Morgan Manor

Blair Davis, Jack Weeks, Ken Collins, Slip Slater, Jim Anderson, ??, ??

Maj. John Klunk

Phil Crawford

Slater, Harold Archer, Jim Anderson, Pat Gugin,

Hank Nurge, Jack Weeks, SSgt?


Ham Radio Operator Don Miller of Lockheed in 1968

Phil Crawford, Hank Nurge, Maj. John Klunk

Hank Nurge, John Klunk, Norb Alber - moustache contest sponsored by Lt. Col. Simons just prior to his accident with the F-101 at the Area

Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin's Friend


Radio calls to home by Ham Radio Operator Don Miller of Lockheed 68Dec 67/Jan 68

Goodwin and friend

Hank Nurge, Planenento, Harold Archer,  Dr. Don Nichols

Joe  Planamento, Bill Goodwin, Charlie Cravotta, Phil Crawford

Ken Collins

Bill Goodwin riding his bike

Photos furnished by Roadrunner Norbert "Norb" Alber


Stolen from Frank Murray's web site
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Frank Murray at Kadena, Okinawa - 1967 during Operation Blackshield

Frank at Kadena, Oct 1967. Would you let this guy fly an A-12?

Frank Murray at kadena - Oct, 1967

Frank Murray - Okinawa - 1967

Frank @ Morgan Manor - home sweet home

SMS Pees, Kadena - 1967

Don Nichols, Flight Surgeon at Morgan Manor in Kadena - 1967

Koza, Okinawa



Atoll on Okinawa

Youtau Airfield, WWII Japanese Fighter Base near kadena

NE Tip of Okinawa

World War II sunken junk around Okinawa

IE Shima, North of Okinawa

Reefs off Okinawa

N. Kadena Circle

Highway 1 - Okinawa

Shuri Castle, Okinawa

F101 maintenance EM at Kadena 1967

Hank Nurge at Kadena in 1967 during Blackshield

Ken Colling at Wake Island while on the way home with Article 131. In the background is a Japanese pillbox and a sunken ship

Party at Morgan Manor in Kadena - 1967

Slip Slater at home in Panama City, Fl

Ken Collins - Kadena - 1967

Blackshield team at Morgan Manor - 1967

Ken Collins w/view camera - Kadena 1967

Pinup on Frank's quonset wall in Okinawa

Party day at Morgan Manor - Kadena - 1967

Photos by Roadrunner Lee Kitten
Suicide Cliffs, Okinawa


The housing area occupied by the CIA and 1129th SAS during Operation Blackshield in Kadena in 1967 to 1968




The original mini-mart - Okinawa type


School kids at NAgo, Okinawa. Ernie Pyle was killed near here in WWII

Waitress at Morgan manor mess hall - O. Club Annex




It is with deep sadness that we must notify our Groom Lake and Kadena Roadrunners and friends of the final flight of Norbert J. "Norb" Alber, age 84 on 16 January 2014 in Gland, Switzerland. Norb, a US Air Force veteran, emigrated to the US from the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland in 1948, and lived in the Canandaigua/Rochester area. He is remembered by the Roadrunners as a former employee of Eastman Kodak's Lincoln Plant and a member of the Perkin-Elmer camera team at Area 51 during Project Oxcart, and Operation Blackshield at Kadena, Okinawa. Norb retired from Perkin-Elmer in 1985 to own and operate a bed and breakfast in Calistoga, California. He became Tasting Room Manager for David Bruce Winery in Northern California, before marrying his wife, Nancy, in 1996. He moved back to Switzerland, shortly thereafter. Norb is survived by wife, Nancy; Sons Wayne Alber and Michael Alber; Daughter Jill (Fred) Salber; Grandchildren Adam & Keegan Alber and Jordan, Jared, Jacob and Carley Salber; and several relatives in Switzerland. He was predeceased by daughter Robin Alber and grandson Joseph Salber. Memorial service to be held in Switzerland, his birthplace, on January 22, 2014.

Photos and a synopsis of Operation Blackshield can be viewed at: http://roadrunnersinternationale.com/blackshield.html and http://roadrunnersinternationale.com/alber.html.
Norb is the civilian in the photo below taken in 1967 at Kadena during a mustache contest of the 1129th SAS and other Operation Blackshield participants. He obviously won the contest. Norb's legacy of his service to his country will live on.

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