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Roadrunners Internationale Dinner

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Tuesday - 10 October 2017

RSVP Reunion Committee Chairman Harry Martin.


Roadrunner reunion is cancelled.

The Roadrunners Internationale advertised the October 2015 as the final reunion. Nonetheless, the officer staff attempted to squeeze in another reunion in October 2017. Unfortunately, there are too few Roadrunners still able to travel to field a reunion. Consequently, the reunion is canceled. Instead, the staff is arranging for a dinner on 10 October 2017 in conjunction with the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame dinner and enshrinement of the Roadrunners, CIA's Dick Bissell, Area 51 commander, Col Slip Slater, and Lockheed's test pilot Lou Schalk.

6-28-2017 Update on the Roadrunner event in October. In spite of all our efforts, we could not get enough attendees to meet the minimum for having the banquet at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Consequently, we have made arrangements to meet the afternoon of 10 October at a room reserved for us at Ricard's where that evening we will have dinner during which the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame will induct the Roadrunners, Col Slater, CIA's Dick Bissell, and Lockheed's Lou Schalk into the NVAHOF. The dinner will be menu choice if the number attending is less than 50. If the number is more than 50, the meal will be a buffet and there will be an advance charge per person yet to be determined. Some of those attending from out of town are planning to stay several days, most of them staying at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. We expect throughout the week to have other gatherings for activities organized and planned by those attending. Even though we are not having the reunion at the Gold Coast, that will most likely be a meeting point for getting together. For those deciding at the last minute to attend the dinner, please let the Roadrunner staff know in advance so we can arrange seating at Ricardo's.

9-6-2017 Update. The cutoff for RSVP to the October 10 dinner was 1 September. As most of you know, we had to cancel the Roadrunner reunion due to lack of attendance, both Roadrunners, and guests. Only eight regular Roadrunners had registered, including the locals. The total attendance was less than the 50 minimum for the catering by the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Consequently, the organizers decided to host a dinner at Ricardo’s, the local hangout for the Las Vegas area Roadrunners. To bolster the number attending, the organizers merged the dinner event to that of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame who will enshrine three former Roadrunners and the Roadrunners themselves. For this event, the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame forewent its usual fund-raising efforts standard for its annual enshrinement dinner and ceremony. The dinner is solely a Roadrunner event with the NVAHOF ceremony following the dinner being part of the entertainment.
As the organizers feared, once they canceled the event at the Gold Coast Hotel for lack of attendance, many decided to attend. The count is now near 80. When the count was below 50, the plan was for everyone to order from the menu and pay for their drinks and dinner. That is no longer possible with the count being near 80. The organizing committee met with the Ricardo management last week to discuss what we should do under the circumstance. Here is what we came up with.
For the non-voting members, the meal will now be a buffet at a fixed price of $30 per person that also covers the cost of the meet and greet room for the afternoon and evening. On October 2, we must give the Ricardo a hard number on those attending. We will order the number of meals on that date and pay for them. Consequently, we must collect from each of them beforehand. They may cancel at any time before October 2 and receive a refund. We will be unable to refund any cancellations beyond that date as we will have spent the money on the food you ordered.
The meal changes mean we must set a deadline of 22 SEPTEMBER 2017to receive payment for your plate on October 10. We realize that is short notice - for that, you can blame those who waited until now to let us know of their attending. SECURE YOUR PLATE FOR THE DINNER NOW BY mailing your remittance to the Roadrunner treasurer:
Judy Prucnal
1924 S. Eliminator Dr.
Las Vegas 89146
The organizers have arranged with Ricardo’s to have a room with a cash bar available for meet and greet starting at 3;00 PM on the 10th before the dinner. Because of this, for the convenience of everyone, we have elected to make this a business casual event as to attire. Slacks and polo shirts okay for the guys - tie and jacket not necessary.
Attendees will fill in their nametags when they arrive.
The organizers want again to remind everyone that this is not a Roadrunner reunion. Therefore, they are not running a command port or organizing any of the suggested group or individual activities. As a suggestion, the morning of the 10th would be a good time to visit the new Area 51 exhibit at the Atomic Testing Museum.

Harry Martin and his reunion committee will post further details as they become available.

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