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Roadrunners Internationale 25th Reunion

When and Where

Monday - 2 thru 5 October 2017

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Contact Reunion Committee Chairman Harry Martin for activities suggestions.


The Roadrunners Internationale advertised the October 2015 as the final reunion. Due to an excellent attendance by family and friends, and numerous requests that the reunions continue, the staff has scheduled another for Monday, October 2 - 5, 2017 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also by popular requests, the reunion will be open to non-Roadrunner members again this year. Friends and family wishing to share in carrying on the legacy of the Roadrunners of Area 51 are welcome to register for the reunion as guests and enjoy the same activities as the members.

We expect a large support attendance by the CIA again this reunion. Historians and others at Langley intend to interface with the remaining Roadrunner members to collect their stories and memories of their days at Area 51. Members are encouraged to come prepared with updated bios for the Roadrunner website and the Agency staff attending. The Roadrunner team has made arrangements to video record interviews with the members.

Again, those attending will make their entertainment with the staff assisting you as needed and possible.


The RI 1129th SAS Command Post (CP) will be located in the banquet area on the 2nd floor of the hotel.

OCTOBER 2th Monday
1000 hrs CP Opens for registration (Packets,*RI Goodies, Banquet Table Assignments.) Coffee & donuts available,

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens.

2100 hrs House 6 Bar closes.

2200 hrs. CP closes.

OCTOBER 3th Tuesday

0800hrs CP Opens - Registration continues. - Coffee & Donuts at Command Post

1300 hrs Events to be determined.

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens.

1800 hrs Open evening. Private dinners and entertainment encouraged.

2200 hrs CP closes.

OCTOBER 4th Wednesday

0800 hrs CP opens - Registration continues. Coffee & Donuts at Command Post.

1400 hrs Roadrunner authors' book signings at the National Atomic Testing Museum

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens. Organize you own entertainment for the evening

2130 hrs House 6 Bar closes

2200 hrs CP closes.

OCTOBER 5th Thursday

0800-1500 hrs CP Open *Coffee and donuts provided for those arriving early for the Membership meeting. Registration continues until 0930 hrs.

0930-1100 hrs Membership Meeting - Nevada Ballroom on the second floor. Coffee and ice water will be available. Agenda; Secretary & Treasurer reports, election of officers.

1100 hrs Events to be determined

1500 hrs CP Closes

1730 hrs No-host cocktails

1830 hrs Invocation

1830 hrs Banquet Dinner

2000-2020 hrs Entertainment

2020 hrs New officers introduction

2200 hrs Reunion concludes

Registration Information


Harry Martin and his reunion committee will be lining up optional activities again as they did for the 2017 reunion.