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Roadrunners Internationale 24th Reunion

When and Where

Monday - 5 thru 8 October 2015

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The CIA EAA store will support us again this year

Contact Reunion Committee Chairman Harry Martin for activities suggestions.


The Roadrunners Internationale reunion is scheduled for Monday, October 5 - 8, 2015 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the 2013 Roadrunner Reunion, only 39 of those attending were voting members - members who worked at Groom Lake or were directly affiliated with the CIA U-2, A-12, MD-21, and YF-12. Attrition has taken its toll on our ranks and will do so even more in the months to come. We fear this may be the last large reunion for this reason. Therefore, the staff requests those of you that are able to do so, to attend this next reunion. We also encourage associate members, family, and friends to join us for four days of war stories and fun.

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the U-2 program, and of the Groom Lake facility known as Area 51. The Roadrunners especially invites anyone who ever worked at Area 51 to join us for this historic occasion.

Lockheed-Martin has supported the Roadrunner reunions in the past and plans to do so again this reunion. We also encourage Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, and all the other U-2 and A-12 contractors to join Lockheed in participating this next reunion to show their appreciation for what the Groom Lake veterans accomplished. The Roadrunners do not need financial support. Corporate recognition of our veterans is enough. The Roadrunners welcome any CIA, Air Force, our U-2 and SR-71 brothers and sisters to join us in what we fear will be our last reunion.

The Roadrunners Internationale association will cover the reunion registration and banquet costs of each voting member and one guest. This does not include lodging. Associate members, family, friends, and guests will pay a one-time fee of $35, which covers all four days attendance and the banquet. This is the association's thank you to the Groom Lake veterans for their service and our families and friends for their support. To get a refund, written cancellation must be postmarked no later than 25 September 2015.

Hotel Rooms at the Gold Coast will cost $38 for a deluxe room or $48 for a premium room. There is a $10 resort fee added to each of these quoted rates. Those planning to stay at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino should make your reservations early to enjoy the discounted rate being offered to members and guests of Roadrunners Internationale. Online registration is encouraged by contacting the hotel at: Be sure to enter the name "Roadrunners Internationale"-. For those registering by phone, call Central Room Reservations at 888.402.6278 and identify yourself as be in the Roadrunners Internationale party

The Roadrunners welcome having CIA support attendance again this year. Again, entertainment will be make your own with the staff assisting you as needed and possible. The staff will organize private travel for those who want to can visit the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel for an Alien Burger and some great shopping for UFO goodies. Another option that we are working on is a visit to the new Silent Heroes of the Cold War memorial on Mt. Charleston.

Before finalizing arrangements at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and the other venues, we need to know now how many plan to attend the reunion. For your convenience, we are attaching a registration form. One can register on the website as well.

We go through this organizers beg / members stall scenario every reunion. Some of you assume that the organizers know that you plan to attend, thus you have not responded to our request for a head count. We organizers cannot use attendance assumptions to plan and pay for the size of the facility, to contract for the number of meals, etc. Even though the reunion this year is free to the voting members and one guest, this does not mean our voting members can simply show up at the last moment after the organizers have contracted and paid for those who responded in a timely manner.

The registration deadline is 1 September 2015. Anyone registering past the deadline will be charged a $10 fee. Also, the staff cannot guarantee a sitting at the banquet for anyone registering past the deadline.

To attend, you must have registered with JUDY the Roadrunner treasurer prior to the registration cutoff, regardless of who you are or what role you played in the Groom Lake projects, The Roadrunner president or vice president may know of your intentions to attend, but they do not count in this regard. The one who must know of your intentions is Judy, the Roadrunner treasurer. JUDY MUST HEAR FROM YOU DIRECTLY. Register now by simply clicking HERE to let Judy, our treasurer know who you are, your affiliation, i.e., voting member (worked on the U-2, A-12, or YF-12 project), Associate Member, or Guest, and number attending. For name tag purposes, we will need to know the name(s) of all attending.

This year, the Roadrunners Internationale association is offering free attendance to voting members and one guest. To be a voting member, you must have been affiliated with the U-2, A-12, M-21/D-21, and YF-12 projects occurring at Area 51. Total costs for Associate Members and guests is $35, which includes all four days at the command post and the banquet. Roadrunner room rates are offered by the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Everyone chooses and pays for their own entertainment.

The Membership Meeting the morning of October 8 is expected to field some serious issues concerning future reunions.


The RI 1129th SAS Command Post (CP) will be located in the banquet area on the 2nd floor of the hotel.

OCTOBER 5th Monday
1000 hrs CP Opens for registration (Packets,*RI Goodies, Banquet Table Assignments.) Coffee & donuts available, See displays, Peruse Frank Murray's Scrap Book, Check the bulletin board for messages and visit with old friends. CIA Store will be open each day of the reunion.

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens.

2100 hrs House 6 Bar closes.

2200 hrs. CP closes.

OCTOBER 6th Tuesday

0800hrs CP Opens - Registration continues. - Coffee & Donuts at Command Post

0900 hrs Road trip to Rachel for those interested. Webmaster Joerg Arnu coordinator. Meet at the Command Post at 9:00. MOT: private vehicles. Arrange you own ride.

1300 hrs Events to be determined.

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens.

1800 hrs Open evening. Private dinners and entertainment encouraged.

2200 hrs CP closes.

OCTOBER 7th Wednesday

0800 hrs CP opens - Registration continues. Coffee & Donuts at Command Post.

0900 hrs Visit the Cold War Memorial on at Spring Mountain Welcome Center on Mt. Charleston. MOT: private vehicles. Arrange you own ride.

1400 hrs Visit the Area 51 exhibit and tour the National Atomic Testing Museum. MOT: private vehicles. Arrange you own ride.

1400 hrs Roadrunner authors' book signings at the National Atomic Testing Museum

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens. Organize you own entertainment for the evening

2130 hrs House 6 Bar closes

2200 hrs CP closes.

OCTOBER 8th Thursday

0800-1500 hrs CP Open *Coffee and donuts provided for those arriving early for the Membership meeting. Registration continues until 0930 hrs.

0930-1100 hrs Membership Meeting - Nevada Ballroom on the second floor. Coffee and ice water will be available. Agenda; Secretary & Treasurer reports, election of officers. This meeting will be for voting members only.

1100 hrs Events to be determined

1500 hrs CP Closes

1730 hrs No-host cocktails

1830 hrs Invocation

1830 hrs Banquet Dinner

2000-2020 hrs Entertainment

2020 hrs New officers introduction

2200 hrs Reunion concludes

Registration Information

A registration form is available for download. For those staying at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, we have blocked out the hotel's premium rooms at a rate of $48.00 per night. Deluxe room rates are available at $38.00. Friday and Saturday the rates will increase to $98/ per night. Be aware that there is a $10 per night resort fee attached to the room rates.


We hope to have Lockheed-Martin sponsorship again this reunion in addition to Pratt & Whitney and others involved in the Groom Lake projects. Any help in this direction will be appreciated.

Harry Martin and his reunion committee will be lining up optional activities again as they did for the 2013 reunion.


These assorted patches are area available at the National Atomic Testing Museum Store please contact Rodney Dacanay Visitors Services Manager 702-702-7945 or Museum Store Direct Line 702-794-5150, purchases can be made over the phone or on NATM Store website