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Roadrunners Internationale 22nd Reunion

When and Where

Monday - 3 October thru 6 October 2011

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Gen. Holbury
Col. Slip Slater preparing for flight at Groom Lake
Col. Am Amundson
BGen Robert Holbury
Col Hugh Slater
Col Maynard Amundson


The RI 1129th SAS Command Post (CP) will be located in the banquet area on the 2nd floor of the hotel.

OCTOBER 3rd Monday
1000 hrs CP Opens for registration (Packets,* *RI Goodies, Banquet Table Assignments.), See displays, Peruse Frank Murray's Scrap Book, *CIA EAA Gift Shop open for Roadrunners and guests. Check the bulletin board for messages and visit with old friends.

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens. Various video presentations will be available. Scheduling will depend upon interest and attendance.
Monday night is an open evening to allow friends to spend time together.

2100 hrs House 6 Bar closes.

2300 hrs. CP closes.

OCTOBER 4th Tuesday

0730 hrs CP Opens - Registration continues. - Coffee & Donuts at Command Post - EAA CIA Gift Shop will be open for Roadrunners and guests.

0930 hrs- Join your fellow Roadrunners at the Atomic Testing Museum. Click here for the schedule

11 a.m. to 3 p.m.- Lockheed Martin is sponsoring a free lunch at the Ports of Call buffet at the Gold Coast Hotel. Heidi Gesiriech, Project & Event Management, Customer Relations Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - Palmdale will be on hand to distribute the tickets for the buffet. Heidi will be wearing a Lockheed Martin shirt so you can find her.

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens.

2300 hrs CP closes.

OCTOBER 5th Wednesday - Events to be determined.

0730 hrs CP opens - Registration continues. Coffee & Donuts at Command Post. EAA CIA Gift Shop will be open for Roadrunners and guests.

0900 hrs Meet at the Command Post for our Road Trip to the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV

Other events to be determined. See options being planned below.

1500 hrs House 6 Bar opens.

2100 hrs House 6 Bar closes

OCTOBER 6th Thursday

0830-1500 hrs CP Open *Coffee and donuts provided for those arriving early for the Membership meeting. Registration continues until 0930 hrs. The membership meeting will be open to all, however only regular members will participate. EAA CIA Gift Shop will be open for Roadrunners and guests.

0930 -1100 hrs Membership Meeting - Nevada Ballroom on the second floor. Coffee and ice water will be available. Agenda; Secretary & Treasurer reports, election of officers. *A short presentation may be organized for after this event.

1100 hrs Events to be determined

1500 hrs CP Closes


1730 hrs No-host cocktails

1830 hrs Invocation

1830 hrs Banquet Dinner

2000 - 2020 hrs Entertainment or events to be determined.

2020 hrs New officers introduction

2030 hrs Recognition of Colonel Amundson, Slater, Holbury followed by recognition of the families of the commanders.

2200 hrs Reunion concludes

* Attendance other than participants is Optional



The Reunion Committee sought input for activities on a monthly basis via the website and newsletter. Be aware that transportation costs to events are the responsibility of the attendee and are not included in the registration fees below:

None of the options are organized by the Roadrunner staff or to be considered as a planned activity. We will merely assist in connecting you to others sharing an interest. Travel will not be a Roadrunner staff responsibility. All are pay your own way.

If you have not made your room reservations at the Gold Coast, be aware the Roadrunner reservation of the block of rooms at a special rate terminates 8/31/2022.

Dear Roadrunners and fellow Associate Members,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Rachel trip on Oct. 5. As long-time Associate Member of the Roadrunners and part-time resident of Rachel I am honored to organize the trip, and I know it is going to be a lot of fun. For us, and for the folks in Rachel, who are looking forward to welcoming us at the Little A'Le'Inn.

I plan on us meeting at the Command Post before 9am on Wednesday, and to leave from there as a group. Please help me spread the word; the more the merrier! If you have any questions, please email me at webmaster@dreamlandresort.com. For some info on Rachel, please take a look at my official Rachel, NV web site: www.Rachel-Nevada.com

Thanks! I look forward to our field trip, and to seeing you all at the Reunion


Joerg H Arnu, Webmaster
Roadrunners: www.RoadrunnersInternationale.com
Dreamland Resort: www.DreamlandResort.com
Rachel, NV: www.Rachel-Nevada.com

Aquero, Melissa, Jeremy Aquero, & Mary Young
Amundson, Gary & Luanne
Andersen, Roger Luanne Amundson, Linda Cady
Arnu, Joerg
Barnes, T.D. Doris Barnes, Wayne & Debbie Dye, Dave & Tammy Eastman
Bernhardt, Stacy Slater, Paul Bernhardt - Kyle Ogilive, Brett Bernhardt, Stefan Bernhardt
Beswick, Keith Candi Beswick
Buyse, Russell Carolyn Buyse
Calvin, Vernon (Vern) & Bobbie J. Calvin
Christensen, Roger
Davenport, W Robert, Beverly Davenport
Deluna, Flo Patty Deluna
Donohue, Don Joannie Donohue
Friedrichs, Robert Nancy Friedrichs
Girard, Ron Karen Girard
Goodwin, William A
Hagan, Joel Karin Hagan
Haupt, Raymond
Hughes, Robert
Jacobs, Ralph Elsa Jacobs
James, Donald D Maxine M. James
Johnson, Alan Lorraine
Knutson, Eric
Law, Peter & Joanne Law
Lucio, Sal & Carmen
Martin, Harry Mary Martin
Meyer, Andrew Marge Meyer Micalizzi, Frank Nicki Micalizzi Miller, Herbert H, Lisa Miller
Murphy, Hugh Jon Isner
Murray, Frank Stella Murray
Murray, Joe
Nelson, Dave Betty Nelson
Nelson, Wayne & Evelyn
Nichols, Don H & Wilma J. Nichols
Norman, John (Jack) Johannah Norman
Petrasio, Frank Julia Petrasio
Prucnal, Jim Judy Prucnal
Ramsey, Jim
Rosario, Joe Elaine Rosario
Rossetti, Alfred D. & Martha Beecher
Roussell, Dot
Al Rubin
Rupard, Hal Marge Rupard
Schmitz, Michael
Shelso, Roy
Slater, (Tori) Victoria
Slater, Col Hugh & Barbara Slater
Slater, Peter Terry Slater - Kelly Slater, Shannon Becker
Stanks, Tom & Jean
Stein, Donald
Solheim, Warran & Louise
Suhler, Paul
Swanson, Ken Marlene Swanson - Sarah Swanson - Lynette Swanson - Wayne Larson - Dean Larson- Rob Softstall
Vining, Don Beverley
Watts, Edwin R
Weaver, Bill Jeanne Weaver
Welsh (Sklar), Jane Charley Welsh, Janis Sklar John Clark, Patti Aquire, Steve Aguire, Bob Burhle, Sean Aquire
White, Fred Paulann White
Wilson, Dick Jackie Wilson - Eleanor Berry
Wood, James Rose Bunkers - Jessie White
Connie May
Late Registrations
Barfield, Jim Jo Ann Barfield
Black, Roy & Elizabeth Black
Roussell, Dot Don Roussell, David & Zeliss Roussell
Wallis, John Andree Wallis
Evans, John, Jerry Cuddington Steve Kates
Fox, William Rita Mehmen
Pascale, Dominic
Poole, John M
Rime, Bill Rita
Westlund, Robert
Really Late Registrations
Armentrout, Robert, Dixie Lee, Scott Armentrout, Jim Alley, Patti Alley
Bassick, Jack & Susan Bassick
Murphy, Robert & Maryjane Murphy
Nordquist, Dennis & Kathleen Nordquist
Osborne, Carol
Wasem, Katie
Blackburn, Bobby & Mary Blackburn
Bramhall, Mike & Jon Cromling
Christian, Charles & Mary Lou Christian
Collins, Ken & Sandy Collins/Harold Collins/Pat Collins/SSG Jon Collins
Pendleton, Wayne & Toni Penleton
Janice Murray LaPointe & John LaPointe
Dr. David Robarge & Cheryl
Toni Hiley
Cheryl Moore & 1 other
George Knapp & Matt
Colley, Chuck, Charles Colley Jr (Chuck Jr,Michale Colley (Mike)
Ling, Charels & Evelyn Ling
Ursini, Sam & JoAnne
Worthington, Elaine
Maxine Evring
Angus Batey
Fred Bowles & Patricia Bowles
Rogers, Percy & Judy Casanova
Levin-Turner, Jon & Rafeena & Waleema Sooknanan, Roy Sookanan, Irek Berdin, Natallia Klimava, Joel Beick
Ripa Ennio
David Suttell
Angus Batey
Honor Guard 4
Gene Hill
Jim Griffin & guest
Peter DeForth, Carol Hook, Al Hook & Sherry Hook
Joe Hamilton
Robert L. Banks
Lee Kitten
Ralph Labusch

Updated 20 September 2011
If you have registered to attend, but are not listed above, please let us know.


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